It's been three weeks since the release of the new single Regards and I have been very slow to update the News page. I was going to blame the weather because it still feels like February, but no. Mea culpa. Anyway, the new song is out there doing its thing in the wicked world of streaming and downloading and YouTubing ( so make sure you tune in for a listen at if you haven't already done so. And we have another livestream performance coming up next Friday, May 28 at 20.30 CET on the TNTv YouTube channel.

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All the pieces of the new album have been put together. And yet...

They say that patience is a virtue. If so, most of us have unwittingly become saints over the past twelve months as our lives have basically been put on hold. I've been sitting on the new album for a while now and was hoping to release it in May. Prudence has prevailed, however, and the launch is now scheduled for the autumn istead. With the current uncertainty regarding the possible reopening of, well, everything, there is simply no point in unleashing the album now when there is almost no way to get it out on the road and promote it the way we would like to.

The good news is that there will be a new single coming out at the end of April. So watch this space.

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I have decided to send Voyagers 1 and 2 off on a new journey. My hope is that our two mini Voyagers will travel as far and wide around our planet as the real Voyagers have done in our solar system and beyond. And that they will carry the same message of hope and humility with them too. That they will cause whosever hands they fall into to stop for a moment and contemplate the beauty and fragility of life on Earth. In all its forms.

First up is Voyager 2, which left base yesterday and is now in the safe hands of my good friend John Flierman. He will pass it on as he sees fit and the next person in line will hopefully do the same too. And so on. The journey could end before the week is out with Voyager 2 in a skip somewhere on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Or the journey may become a long and prosperous one if those entrusted with its care are inspired to pass on this message of goodwill to each other. One at a time.

Safe travels little star, you're out of my hands now.

I will soon be adding a page to the website where it will be possible to follow the progress of these intrepid little voyagers. Watch this space...

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